The School of Performing Arts started in 1986 with vocal, veena and sugam sangeeth. In 2004, after the inauguration of Purandara Bhavana, the school was extended with vocal and veena, violin, mrudangam, keyboard/ harmonium, flute in Carnatic style and vocal, sitar and tabla in Hindustani style. The school has its own curriculum and conduct regular examinations and successful students get completion certificates. There are many budding artists from the school and some perform. Outreach Programmes, All India Radio etc.


Courses Offered
Carnatic: Vocal, Devaranama, Veena, Violin, Flute, Mrudangam, Keyboard
Hindustani: Vocal(Classical), Tabla, Sitar
Dance: Bharatanatyam, Kathak

The applicant should have completed minimum of 10 years to learn Flute & Sitar, 7 years for all other faculties and should able to converse in English, Kannada or Hindi. The School of Performing Arts Admissions opens on twice a year. There will be no admission at middle of the term. Admissions Open Offline Classes   Click here for more details

The School of Performing Arts curriculum as follows
Foundation Course
    Level                                             Duration
    Beginner (For Freshers)    - 1 year or More
    Junior                                      - 2 year or More from the enrolled year
    Senior                                      - 3 year or More from the enrolled year
The Foundation course includes Theory and Practical, would take minimum three years. Sucessfull Candidates are awarded with Foundation Course Certificate.

Diploma Course
    Level                                             Duration
    Diploma I                      - 1 year or More after the foundation course
    Diploma II                     - 2 year or More after the foundation course
Exams are conducted by external examinars. Sucessfull Candidates are awarded with Diploma Certificate

The Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha - School of Performing Arts issues the Certificate and Diploma after evaluation in final examination. All present students will be placed at the level/year of the Course as appropriate based on the assessment of their attainment by the concerned teachers with reference to the syllabus. Placing a student in the Diploma course directly can be done if the teacher is satisfied that the student has reached the level expected after the Foundation course or equivalent after administering theory and practical tests.

There are two school terms. One will be from June to November and the other from December to May of every year. Admissions will close in November for the term starting on December and in May for the term starting on June. Each term will have 48 classes, generally 2 classes a week or 8 classes a month, after compensating for declared holidays and teacher's non-availability due to performances, leave etc Fees will be payable on a 6 month basis, December to May and June to November in lumpsum, quarterly or monthly before the 10th of the month.

The Syllabus for the courses has been harmonised with the curriculum for the Karnataka Secondary Education Board Examination. The Foundation Course is slightly above the junior level and the Diploma Course is at the Senior level in these examinations. The syllabus for various courses / disciplines is given in the Prospectus which will be given at the time of admission.
a) Taking examination by students is optional. The course will however be structured as explained above. There will be generally no admissions in between the terms. This is necessary for batch wise instruction and better attention by teachers.
b) Students learning instrumental music must have their own instruments.
c) Students of the dance class must buy their own ghungroos.
d) Teachers can only instruct, inspire and guide. More important is the good practice done by students at home if progress is to be achieved.
e) Students must maintain decorum and discipline in the premises of the School and strictly conform to the Rules and Regulations of the School which shall apply uniformly to all students.

Time Table

Discipline Weekly Classes
Vocal Carnatic - WD 1 Monday and Friday
Vocal Carnatic - WD 2 Monday and Wednesday
Vocal Carnatic - WD 3 Tuesday and Friday
Vocal Carnatic - WD 4 Wednesday and Saturday
Vocal Carnatic - WE Saturday and Sunday
Vocal Hindustani - WD Monday and Friday
Bharathanatyam - WD Monday and Thursday
Bharathanatyam - WE Saturday and Sunday
Kathak - WD Monday and Tuesday
Veena - WD 1 Tuesday and Thursday
Veena - WE 2 Saturday and Sunday
Violin - WD 1 Tuesday and Friday
Violin - WE 2 Saturday and Sunday
Keboard - WE 1 Saturday and Sunday
Mrudangam - WD Tuesday and Thursday
Flute - WD Thursday and Saturday
Tabla - WD 1 Thursday and Tuesday
Tabla - WE 2 Saturday and Sunday

Note: WD = Weekday, WE = Weekend, Every faculty will have two classes in a week.

1. The examination for the Beginner and Junior level will be conducted by concerned discipline teacher with the help of other teacher of the school.
2. The students, who complete the syllabus of Foundation courses, and her/his teachers give the confirmation to take up the examination. The sabha conducts Theory and Practical, for Foundation course Examination, and the Diploma I and Diploma II Examination, every year in the month of February. The final examination for the Senior Level of Foundation Course Certificate and Diploma I and Diploma II level will be held by the school with the help of external examiners. The sucessful students are given completion certificate by the sabha.
After successful completion of the syllabus for junior/senior examinations of the Karnataka Secondary Education Board, the students will be sent for these examinations.

At Present the Online class tests are conducted

The students completed foundation are eligible to apply for scholarship. After the selection, 50% of the tution fee will be waived off.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Award
A eminent award for the students of the School, initiated in the year 2016. The students completed foundation are eligible to apply for Abdul Kalam Award and take the competition. Every year the nominated student honoured with Award, Cash prize and Certificate.

Students Activities
The students performes on the celebrations of School Annual Day, Saraswathi Pooja, Republic day, Independence Day and Outreach Programmes at Puranadara Bhavana. The Students of the sabha has also performed several times in AIR, Raghavendra Mutt and in Bal Bhavan monthly programmes in cubbon park and it was well attended and appreciated.

Students of Smt Kamala Murthy performing at 'Bharathi Kala Ranga' Open Air Theater at Indiranagar Sangeetha Sabha premise.