15th August 2022 - 75th Independence Day Programme
9:15 AM     : Flag Hoisting
9:30 AM     : Lecture with Illustrations
Topic 1 - The Legacy of Mystics
Who is a mystic? How did Eastern and Western mystics make an impact in society? How was music, poetry and dance an integral part of their journey? We will understand some of their core concepts around surrender, love and devotion with musical samplings.
Topic 2 - Music & Cities
How does music shape cities and is in turn influenced by them? We will go on a global tour looking at various cities and understand the evolution of various musical genres from classical to folk, hip hop and popular, from their origin to the present and the impact of their migration across regions.
Speaker     : Prof Smt. Chitra Srikrishna
                        Musician, Author & Teacher
                        Boston, USA

20th August 2022 - 5:30 PM
Sri Vivek Sadasivam                                  :   Vocal
Sri Nishant Chandran                               :   Violin
Sri HS Sudhindra                                        :   Mrudangam

PAST Events

23rd July 2022 - 5:30 PM

Vidushi Smt Aishwarya Vidhya Raghunath      :   Vocal
Vidushi Smt Charulatha Ramanujam                :   Violin
Vidwan Sri Jayachandra Rao KU                         :   Mrudangam
Vidwan Sri Omkar Rao G                                        :   Ghatam

25th June 2022 - Purandara Kshetra Darshana (In association with Anandi Centre for Music)
Smt. Mangala Karthik & Sri S A Karthik       :   Vocal Duet
(Students of Anandi Centre for Music)
Sri S Srunachala Karthik                                  :   Violin
Sri Vinay M Nagarajan                                       :   Mrudangam
Sri Srinidhi R Koundinya                                  :   Ghatam

11th June 2022

Vidwan Sri Hariharan MB &                 :   Vocal Duet
Vidwan Sri Ashok S      
Vidwan Dr Jyotsna Srikanth                :   Violin
Vidwan Sri Tumkur B Ravishankar    :   Mrudangam
Vidwan Sri Narayananamurthy S N   :   Ghatam

21st May 2022

Vidushi Smt Amrutha Venkatesh       :   Vocal
Vidwan Sri Srinidhi Mathur                  :   Violin
Vidwan Sri B S Prashanth                     :   Mrudangam
Vidwan Sri Omkar Rao                           :   Ghatam

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